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Equipment: Deeps vs Mediums & 10's vs 8's

Posted by douglasfarm on March 21, 2011 at 12:55 PM

In standards of beekeeping equipment there are 2 sized boxes, and 2 sizes of frames. All hives will need a certain amount of interior space, and as the hive matures it will need more. Further, to get through the winter enough frames with honey must be provided. Regions with shorter winters can leave less, longer winters require more honey, and thus more frames. If you do not give them enough space, they may feel more need to swarm in the summer or starve in the winter.

Most beekeepers who use smaller sized equipment do it primarily to keep the weight of each super to a lower amount. Some say they can't lift the larger weights. However if you are talking about frames that are not going to be moved from one apiary to the next, there isn't going to be any lifting. Most beekeepers who do not do commercial pollination do not move their hive. Further, it is more than possible to take frames from a hive one by one to a transport box on a cart.

8 frame vs 10 frame equipment. What ever you pick, it will be the way you go. They don't work together. Advantage 8's may be lighter than 10's, and 10's may require some frame manipulation to get all 10 drawn out, and bees like to build vertically. 10's seem to have a little more dead air space, and may allow better tempereature regulation.

The biggest point to consider is how much internal space they will need, both to live and for honey stores. Southern and Central NJ may require two 10 frame deeps, but Northern NJ may require 2 10 frame deeps plus a 10 fram medium. Northern NJ may have to wait 2 or 3 weeks longer before winter ends and flowers offer their hives food.

When purchasing equipment cost is a major factor. So here are some numbers comparing winter equipment configurations:

Rates including paint and assembly, but not shipping:

  • 8 Frm Med, $19.50 + 8 Med Frm, $15.60 = $35.10
  • 8 Frm Deep, $25.95 + 8 Deep Frm, $17.60 = $43.95
  • 10 Frm Med, $19.50 + 10 Med Frm, $19.50 = $39.00
  • 10 Frm Deep, $25.29 + 10 Deep Frm, $22 = $47.29

1 Deep Frame = 297.5 sq inch comb, 1 Med Frame = 178.5 sq inch comb

We recomend at least 5350 sq inches of comb per southern wintering hive, and at least 5900 sq inches per northern winter location.

Frames    Supers/Bodies     Total Frame Surface Area     Cost Supers & Frames

8                 4 Medium                5712 sq inch                           $140.40

8                 2 Deep 1 Med         6188 sq inch                           $123

10              3 Medium                 5355 sq inch                           $117

10              2 Deep                     5950 sq inch                           $94.58

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