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Carniolan - (Apis mellifera carnica)

The Carniolan honeybee is a sub species of the Western European honeybee. The sub species originated in Slovenia. Carniolan bees are nearly as big and long as the Western European black bees. Their abdomens are much slimmer. Furthermore, the Carniolan bee has a very long tongue 6.5 to 6.7 mm (which is very well adapted for clover), a very high elbow joint and very short hair.

New World Carniolan 

The New World Carniolan was originally established in 1982 by Susan Cobey and Tim Lawrence in Northern California. Carniolan stock from across the U.S. and Canada was collected, back crossed, and evaluated to establish a pure Carniolan foundation population. Instrumental insemination and strict annual evaluation protocol (including hygienic testing) were followed to maintain the NWC breeding program. In 1990 the NWC breeding program was moved to Ohio State University. A cooperative effort between OSU and Strachan Apiaries currently maintains and propagates the stock. (Strachan Apiaries Inc.)

Douglas Farm offers both locally raised pure Carniolan Queens from New World Carniolan mothers and offer New World Carniolan queens directly from Strachan Apiaries.

 Photos to the right are of Carniolans from our yard (2010)

Our Carniolan's Lineage

Our Carniolan line started around 2008 from Strachen Apiaries. Strachen serves as the primary commercial breeder for Susan Cobey's New World Carniolan program.

2008 to 2010: Susan obtained importation permits from APHIS to import semen from Italy, Germany and Turkey. During these years Strachen continues to include new genetics from Susan's latest work.

Each year we obtain new queens from Strachen. After 1 year of trial and testing, they are introduced into our breeding program. This enables a diverse, but still relatively pure Carniolan line.

2011: We source queens from Strachen and 2 additional Carniolan breeders. If all goes well, their genetics will be added to our line next year.

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