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This page was created as perhaps to my recent attendance to prof. Debra Delaney's recent honey bee genetics presentation to the NJ beekeepers. It is also dedicated to my original inspiration in honey bee genetics, brother Adam.

Articles and Research Papers

Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in honey bee subspecies from Kenya

 - Marina D. Meixner - M. Cristina Arias - Walter S. Sheppard

The CO-I and CO-II region of honey-bee mitochondrial DNA: evidence for variation in insect mitochondrial rates

 - R H Crozier, Y C Crozier and A G Mackinlay

An improved test for Africanized honeybee mitochondrial DNA

 - Y C Crozier, S Koulianos, R H Crozier: : Experientia 1991

Two ancient mitochondrial alleles in Australian honeybees

  - S Koulianos, R H Crozier : Apidologie 1991

The cytochrome b and ATPase genes of honeybee mitochondrial DNA

 - R H Crozier, Y C Crozier : Molecular Biology and Evolution 1992

Evolutionary history of the honey bee Apis mellifera inferred from mitochondrial DNA analysis

 - L Garnery, J M Cornuet, M Solignac : Molecular Ecology 1992

The Mitochondrial Genome of the Honeybee Apis Mellifera: Complete Sequence and Genome Organization
 - R H Crozier, Y C Crozier : Genetics 1993

Anarchy in the beehive

  - B P Oldroyd, A J Smolenski, J M Cornuet, R H Crozle : Nature 1994

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