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Please note: 3 or even 6 hours of beekeeping education will not turn you into a fully educated beekeeper. Introduction classes are an introduction, please plan to continue to expand your knowledge beyond these classes.

All Students Must Wear Protective Bee Clothing, when in a bee yard. Do not wear black or skin tight clothing. Do not wear perfume. Failure to do these things, will likely cause you to be stung.

Class 101: Introduction to Beekeeping

We will go through equipment, breeds, basic biology, worker life cycle, hive locations and diseases. Then we will examine a nucleus hive and hive a 3lb package of bees. Similar to 100, but a different format.

Student Level: New Beekeepers, less than 1 year experience.

Alstede Registration: Call to register - 908-879-7189

 Location Chester, NJ Session Spring
 Instructor Brian Day Saturday 
 SponsorAlstede Farms Date May 5th
 Phone 908-879-7189 Time

Class 1) 9:30am - 12:30pm

Class 2) 1:00pm - 4:00pm

 Fee $60 Class Size  Minimum 6 to Max 20

Class 201: Spring Hive Managment

This class is not scheduled. Feel free to call and ask they start the program again. 

Classes will be two parts: a group instruction and discussion then direct work with bees or a hive.  Classes may be rescheduled due to bad weather. We will be working with hives at the educational facility. This is not just a lecture and hive opening like many bee classes.

Protective veils are provided by request. Full jackets and gloves may be purchased. Wear light colors and weather appropriate clothing.


  • Swarm Management & Collection
  • Understanding Queen Behavior
  • Recognizing Problems and Solving / Treating Them
  • Comb Honey Methods & Tools
  • Pollen Collection & Tools
  • Harvesting Honey

Student Level: Novice, At least 1 year of beekeeping suggested

Somerville Registration: email or call 908-704-6985, then send in your registration form.

 Location Somerville, NJ Session Spring
 Instructor Brian Day 
 Sponsor Somerville Recreation Tentative Dates


 Phone 908-704-6985 Time 
 Fee $ Class Size  Minimum 6 to Max 10


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