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Snow Plowing

Snow Plow services are now offered to Gladstone residents. All customers must agree and sign our service contract before plow services.


Residential property up to 2 acres, up to 15” snow depth:     $45

Residential property up to 3 acres, up to 15” snow depth:   $55

Over 3 acres quoted on visit, up to 15” snow depth:   


Availability Options:

  • Available as upon accumulation = trigger depth of __x__” 
  • Only performed when requested



15” to 22” snow depth add $5 per visit; more than 22” snow depth add $10 per visit

Rock Salt Driveway Application:                             $15 per 50lb (pavement only)

Sodium Chloride Driveway Application:                $29 per 50lb (pavement only)

$15 will be added to any de-icing application if not performed during snow removal visit.

Rock Salt and Sodium Chloride subject to availability and inventory limitations.

Plowing may leave some residual snow.

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