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Virtual Bee Class

  • Classes are held via Skype Group Video Chat.
  • Registration is limited to 9 video callers.
  • Each session may last 30 to 40 min.
  • Classes are free unless otherwise noted
  • Classes will be canceled if nobody registers.

To participate you must have a Skype user id and a connection:

  1. By Computer: Skype 5.0 or higher, which can be downloaded and installed for free: 
  2. By Skype mobile on your Android or Blackberry device. Note, video may not work on all Skype mobile devices.
  3. By Skype video VOIP phone or smart tv. 

To register - email your name and Skype id to

2012 Schedule

Sunday, March 5th 8:30pm - Beginner topics & questions (30 min)

Sunday, March 18th 8:30pm - Intermediate Beekeepers (30 min)

Sunday, April 1st 8:30pm - Beginner topics & questions (30 min)

Sunday, April 8th 8:30pm - Intermediate Beekeepers (30 min) 

Class List

Beginner Topics: beekeepers of 8 or less hives

Intermediate Beekeepers: beekeepers who have kept bees through at least 2 winters.

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